May 4, 2022

Five things to look for in an assisted living facility or retirement community

Today, as more and more seniors are living away from their children and extended families, the demand for assisted living facilities and senior living communities is growing across the country. While the cost, infrastructure and facilities may vary in each of them, there are certain essential features you may want to consider while you shortlist the ideal retirement community for you or your loved one. At Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township, we’ve ticked everything and more that is needed to ensure a safe, joyful and healthy stay for seniors.

Size and location of the retirement community

Considering that seniors are expected to spend a majority of their time within the senior living community, it is important that they find it pleasant and spacious. Being confined to a compact, crowded facility can prove to be stifling and stressful, leading to poor mental health for seniors. Consider a community that offers ample breathing space, with sprawling outdoors, gardens and parks to stroll in and spacious living quarters where everything important for you can be fit in. Consider having a personal space that you can proudly call “home” and be happy to welcome your family and friends into for visits. Apart from the facility itself, the location can also prove to be equally important in ensuring a pleasant stay. Living away from the hustle and hectic lifestyle of big cities, amidst serene, natural surrounds can do a lot of good to your state of mind and overall health. Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township offers the ideal locale, situated in the verdant foothills of Matheran mountains, in Neral, Maharashtra. The sprawling township has plenty of green outdoors, with gardens, parks and walkways. The spacious cottages offer plenty of private living space for seniors who prefer independent living by themselves or with their spouse, apart from a private garden. 

Access to healthcare and fitness facilities

In-house healthcare, access to medical facilities and fitness amenities play a crucial role in ensuring a peaceful living for seniors, who may need regular medical attention. Making frequent doctor visits from the community, even for simple ailments, may become tiring and time consuming. Especially for seniors who need assisted living facilities, having good quality healthcare becomes an absolute priority. At Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township, we provide top-notch healthcare and fitness facilities, including daily health monitoring services, specialist care by visiting doctors and highly skilled elder care attendants to look after all your needs. Our health club offers various health-promoting services, including hydrotherapy and special healing baths, apart from a senior-friendly gym, yoga and meditation facilities. Our in-house psychologists to conduct regular group therapy sessions to ensure every resident’s optimal mental health. Additionally, our assisted living facility provides facilities and personnel to deal with frontotemporal disease, corticobasal disease, cognitive impairment and neurocognitive impairment.

Activities and recreational facilities

Retirement years are a time in your life when you must let go of mundane chores and worries and live life stress-free. After all, you earned it! Retired life should be anything but boring and lonely. So, it goes without saying that the senior living community you choose must offer a variety of activities and recreational facilitiesto keep you joyfully occupied, both mentally and physically. At Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township, we offer wide range of indoor and outdoor activities for residents, apart from senior-friendly recreational facilities, to ensure an exciting social calendar. Our facilities include, a well-equipped health club, spa, salon, indoor games, well-stocked library, outdoor walking paths, parks and more. We also organise regular outdoor activities and events to ensure the physical, social and emotional well-being of our residents, including excursions, shopping trips and picnics. Community gatherings are organized to celebrate major festivals, encouraging social interaction and participation by all residents.

The people – caregivers and fellow inmates

No matter what type of senior living facility you choose, the people you have to depend on and interact with on a daily basis will greatly impact the quality of your life. Make sure you visit the facility to understand the dedication and attitude of your caregivers, how well you connect with peers and how comfortable you feel within the community. Talk to fellow residents, enquire about their experience with the caregivers and look for online reviews of the place. Find out about the socialization opportunities that the retirement community offers inmates. At Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township, we encourage you to visit our facility and interact with the staff and inmates. We encourage you to take a tour of the facility, spend time with residents and participate in our daily activities. All our staff are carefully selected and trained not only in world class elder care but also in offering a humane touch in their services.

Accessibility and senior-friendly living

Safety and security are priority for senior living. While considering a retirement community, check how safe and accessible the facility is, both inside and outside. Do you feel safe walking around? Is your living quarters senior-friendly and convenient? Can you easily access all necessary facilities? Do you need to climb stairs or walk on uneven ground? Are there ramps in case you need wheel chair access? These are some questions to consider. At Dignity Lifestyle, all quarters in the Assisted Living facility are disabled-friendly to ensure maximum mobility and a dedicated assistance station is available on every floor. The entire community is wheel-chair friendly and golf carts are available for easy movement. Also, every residence is equipped with an alarm bell to ensure timely help during any emergency. Anti-skid tiles, grab bars, safety lockers and housekeeping services ensure utmost safety and convenience.

Community kitchen and quality of food

Food plays an important role in keeping you not only healthy but also happy and emotionally fulfilled in your old age. Also, having the convenience of a community kitchen where food is served to you throughout the day based on your dietary requirements becomes important as you may not be capable or inclined to cook your own meals. At Dignity Lifestyle, we offer delicious, freshly cooked and nourishing meals every day to our residents at our sprawling dining hall. We have separate, dedicated kitchens for preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and scrupulous care is taken to ensure all linen and cutlery, both in the kitchens and at the dining hall, are kept spotlessly clean. We change our menu every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner, offering a delectable variety to tickle your taste buds, while also providing ample nourishment.

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