January 3, 2022

Plan retirement in a retirement township without guilt

Most of the advertisements we see about retirement are usually life insurance, accident insurance and a happy family living together with grandparents, adults and grandchildren running about. Many times, however, these remain in advertisements only. Many individuals and families face all sorts of challenges and situations as children are given wings to fly and go settle abroad or outside. That is why planning for one’s retirement entails living in dignity in retirement townships or communities away from cities where care is given. One can stay independently within that community and at the same time get good care.

From 2020, after the outbreak of Covid-19 pandemic, people have begun to rethink their lifestyles and are planning for their own retirement and for the care they can give their elders. For a majority, their concerns are regarding giving care, being there to look after their loved ones, or providing assistance or caregivers. Many are rethinking living in cities and moving out. But with rising expenses, they are compelled to leave their elders behind. Many already independent elders are now exploring gated communities and assisted living. However the daunting thought is guilt and fear of what people may say. But considering the loneliness that has seeped into our lives after severe lockdowns, social distancing and worry of not being able to meet one’s loved ones, it is time for us to change our own inhibitions and think of the well-being—emotional, psychological and mental, of our loved ones. 

Most mean well when they say they would like to do everything to take care of their aging parents or grandparents. But in the limited space at home, difficulty in getting the right medical intervention and specialists and to tie them down at home, is often not the best choice. Because, at the end of the day, each is busy with their own lives while the aging loved ones are lonely. There are many options today even near Mumbai where one can explore facilities for their loved ones. One such is Dignity Lifestyle, in Neral. Here there are options of assisted and independent living, where one can also hire an attendant apart from the staff that cater to all basic services.

Independent, working adults are exploring this option to relocate their old parents in a place where they are confident, they will be taken care of, are safe and most of all, not lonely. Saroj Shenoy and Krishna Nayak are two professionals who live abroad, had way back in 1996-1997, heard of the concept of independent living in gated communities in a plush green environment. They took the decision in 2017, to move their parents here, as their father’s health was already shrinking and their mother had undergone hip surgery. Today, Mrs. Prema Nayak lives in the independent residential facility with her own attendant.

There are numerous amenities and staff that are providing safety and care round the clock. This has helped a lot of families to take the appropriate decision can consider relocating their loved ones in Dignity Lifestyle township. Some family members, after battling their emotional demons due to societal pressures, realised they need to be practical and think for the best of their own loved ones. “There couldn’t have been a better option and this is a win-win situation for both. They are constantly improving their facilities. They do take care of the people, but the entire township. Repair and maintenance is good, they take customer complaints and suggestions seriously. Some have complained of rising inflation costs and they have come up with solutions. Every facility that can be reasonably provided in these circumstances is there. We are happy for our mother,” Krishna shared. Nayak. 

Photos: Mrs Prema Nayak -resident

Saroj Shenoy – Retd medical professional and her daughter

Krishna Nayak – her son

(Both live in different countries)

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