January 18, 2022

Retreating to a retirement community in Mumbai’s outskirts

When speaking of retirement, usually we see parents continue to plan for their adult children and grandchildren, without putting themselves first. The usual story of planning for a future life revolves around creating finances, keeping their houses for their loved ones and then as if self-planning is an after-thought. This actually needs to be relooked as the reverse is what is most important for planning for one’s own retirement, be it independent living or assisted living and especially if one wishes to relocate to a retirement township for senior citizens.

The concept of taking it easy in the ripe years is mainly because the cognitive functions slow down. But one needs to plan their finances and life in advance to allow one to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. One need not wait to cross the bridge, because there are limited options available in terms of senior living facilities like the Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township near Mumbai, Maharashtra. 

This planning for one’s own future, for one’s old age is extremely important, especially if one wants to relocate. It is like purchasing a whole new house and domestic life catering to one’s own needs and future. Now this future may entail health expenses, residing with assistance as some point of time in future or may not. But one can still plan this when one is mentally sound and physically fit, instead of putting the families of children before oneself at a time when one needs to give oneself a priority. Needless to say the love and caring never stops, but when you specifically are exploring options of shifting then a detailed planning is required.

Firstly the finances: Does one have enough savings or cash in banks? If not then does one need to explore the option of selling one’s house? One need not feel indebted or guilty of doing what one needs to do, which is planning for a healthy old age for oneself and one’s spouse. Often a down payment is required before one begins living in one’s home in a township, in addition to it, there is monthly maintenance and a portion can be non-refundable. Apart from it, one’s medical insurance and if any life insurance, for which one does need to keep aside finances. It is like buying for oneself a secured, new home with round the clock assistance and security, all which otherwise too comes with a price. It is simply moving into a retirement home with age-peers.

Majority believe in keeping one’s house for their children but one tends to forget they have their own lives to lead which has been highlighted in films like Baghban. Parents provide a good education to their children and enable them to move on to higher things in life, thereafter they make their own lives with parents being there to nurture. It is only because we have been groomed to believe that all what belongs to parents is for their children, in most cases, parents place their children before themselves. Later, it is left to the children to plan for their parents’ future and sometimes entails relocating.

There are ways to de-escalate the fears and dependence on one’s own children if one sees planning for their old age as a saving for a future especially for one’s mental, emotional and physical well-being which is essential. Although one may have health insurance (this is important), saving for future care and assistance is something we tend to overlook. The concept of taking it easy, enjoying old age gets a whole new meaning when one does look at living in a township.

Old age is not waiting for the end. It is a phase that can be enjoyed along with peers, friends and a whole new family that is by your side like one can experience at Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township with Assisted Living Facility in Mumbai’s vicinity.

An enclosed place, where one is secure, there are staff members who provide care guided by specialists and professionals. One need not be lonely or sad, as there is a therapist and a medical doctor present to address any illness. One can list out all concerns, fears and things one may require as one plans one’s own retirement and old age. Then explore the various options and visit the Neral Township to ascertain the amenities and care provided. It is important to place oneself and spouse ahead of other members when planning to retire. And amongst Retirement Homes near Mumbai, Dignity’s Township and Assisted Living Facility is probably the most thoughtfully designed and convenient facility available. 

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