September 29, 2021

Specialised therapies ensure better care for dementia patients

The Assisted Living Centre at Dignity Lifestyle Township in Neral, Maharashtra, is a custom-designed, long-term residential facility for senior citizens with physical and mental disabilities, especially neurological and cognitive diseases like Alzhiemers and Parkinsons. With cutting-edge therapies and treatments to alleviate all kinds of physical and mental impairments, the Dignity Lifestyle Dementia Care Centre is truly a step ahead of most assisted living facilities for the elderly in India. Add to it, our well-trained staff who specialise in geriatric care, expert therapists and visiting doctors, you can expect the best possible assisted living care for your loved one – more than what can be provided at home.

Some of our specialised therapeutic interventions to care for Dementia patients include,


An active lifestyle and regular exercise have proven to be very effective in slowing down the progress of dementia and minimising its effects. Personalised physiotherapy, designed by a therapist with extensive knowledge about dementia, and based on the particular needs and abilities of the elderly patient, can be very helpful in managing pain and improving mobility.

Physiotherapists at our Dementia Care Centre design customised, functional exercise programs that help prevent or slowdown cognitive decline, leading to better quality of life, more confidence and prolonged independence in conducting daily activities. The physiotherapy exercises are also designed to improve balance and posture, leading to reduced risk of falls. Although physiotherapy can be beneficial for the elderly with all stages of dementia, it’s positive effects are found to be most significant for those with mild cognitive impairments or at the early stages of the disease.

Snoezelen Therapy Room

The Snoezelen Room is created for the purpose of delivering high levels of stimuli to our elderly residents with dementia. It offers a multi-sensory, therapeutic environment that is relaxing for the dementia patient, while also being engaging and stimulating; which helps reduce agitation and anxiety, inspire reactions and encourage communication.

The state-of-the-art Snoezelen Room at our Dementia Care Centre helps patients experience a range of unpatterned visual, auditory and tactile stimuli using optical illusions that are combined with lighting effects, colors, textures and sounds. Such multisensory stimulation has been known worldwide to improve functional performance in the elderly with moderate-to-severe Dementia.

Located just 90km from Mumbai, the Dignity Lifestyle Dementia Care Centre is a caring and supportive ‘home away from home’ for the elderly from across India, who need assisted living facilities due to their physical or mental disabilities. Find out more at

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