October 20, 2021

Snoezelen Room: Multisensory therapy for the elderly with Dementia

The word “Snoezelen” comes from the Dutch words for “explore/sniff around”. Snoezelen Multi-Sensory Environments are relaxing spaces designed to stimulate reactions and encourage engagement using soothing sounds, interesting light effects, captivating aromas, vibrosonic sensations and tactile experiences. With their relaxed atmosphere and pleasant surroundings, they also help reduce anxiety and agitation, especially in those suffering from Dementia.

Dignity Lasting Memories is one of the few Dementia Care Centers in India to have a state-of-the-art Snoezelen Room. This specially designed room provides a fun, relaxing and multi-sensory environment for the elderly, especially those with progressive mental disorders; providing stimulation and relaxation through the use of smell, touch, sound, color, and light. Dementia presents the elderly with problems related to mood, behavior, decision making and the ability to take part in everyday activity, leaving them feeling isolated, frustrated and unhappy.

At the Dignity Snoezelen Room, the various sensory interventions provide the elderly with the right level of stimulation to increase awareness, attention and communication. In fact, Multisensory Stimulation has been seen to improve functional performance in moderate-to-severe Dementia.

Illuminating Light Panel

With various patterns, colours and levels of brightness, the interactive panel is both rewarding and responsive, making the user feel empowered and engaged. The sensory touch panel also improves hand sensations.

Touch Music Wall Panel

The bright and colourful wall helps regulate and improve mood. The different changing colours invoke different feelings and moods. Like blue has a calming effect while green evokes a sense of life and growth and red stimulates brain activity.

Color Changing Bubble Columns

In the LED-lit glass columns, air bubbles rise slowly and continuously with changing colours. The combination of calming colours and water bubbles has a soothing effect on the elderly, relaxing their mind and body.

Wall Sensory Panel (Textured Wall)

Textured wall helps calm anxiety and agitated behavior. When the elderly with Dementia touch and feel different kinds of fabrics, it provides tactile sensory stimulation to regulate their mood and boost positive vibes. It relaxes them and promotes good sleep.

Sensory Learning Wall Panel

The puzzle wall consists of different activities designed to encourage engagement and trigger positive emotions and memories in the elderly who are suffering from any stage of Dementia. While some activities stimulate their nerve cells, some others trigger their hand-eye coordination. The puzzles are therapeutic in nature and enhance reasoning skills and brain functions, especially those related to short-term memory.

We also have provision for audio- visual stimulation in the Snoezelen Room, which includes over 100 videos clips with different themes involving various combinations of light, colours, shapes, animals, birds sounds, musical instruments and natural landscapes. They are designed to stimulate memory through both auditory and visual stimulation. They work as a reminiscence therapy, helping the elderly recall past memories. If used regularly, they can also help improve critical thinking, judgement and comparison.

Our Assisted Living block, Dignity Lasting Memories, is located within our sprawling retirement community – Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township in Neral, just 90km from Mumbai. The premium retirement township is located at the foothills of Matheran mountains, bringing peace, comfort and serenity to the lives of senior citizens, apart from quality healthcare and the best of assisted living facilities. Dementia care homes in Mumbai may not provide the elderly with Dementia with the necessary therapeutic environment that a Snoezelen Room can afford.

Find out more about our assisted living facility for senior citizens with Dementia: https://www.dignitylifestyle.org/dementia-care

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