Assisted Living Block & Dementia Care Centre

Dignity, Comfort and Care to senior citizens living with Dementia or Disability .

The Assisted Living Block and Dementia Care Centre at Dignity Lifestyle Retirement Township is a unique residential facility specially designed for elders with mental or physical disabilities, as well as, those who need help with their daily activities.

The entire premises are disabled-friendly with mobility-friendly quarters, dedicated attendants, medical assistance and specialised therapies to alleviate various conditions. It is truly a caring “home away from home” for the elderly who need specialized support.

Dementia Care Centre

Providing care for someone with Alzheimer’s disease or other forms of neurocognitive impairments can be challenging for family members at home, especially as the disease progresses when round-the-clock assistance may be required. At Dignity Lifestyle Dementia Care Centre, we take the worry off the family members and ease the struggle for the elderly living with dementia.

Our 70-bed Dementia Care Centre is equipped with all the facilities and trained personnel to support senior citizens with frontotemporal disease, corticobasal disease, cognitive impairment and neurocognitive impairment. Every resident is assigned a lifetime attendant,who is professionally trained to provide round-the-clock care and healthcare support.

Assisted Living Support for Physical Impairments

All quarters in the Assisted Living Block are disabled-friendly to ensure maximum mobility and comfort for the residents. The facility is suitable for senior citizens with various physical disabilities like general mobility impairment, Rheumatoid arthritis, Parkinson’s disease, Silent ischemia and ischemic heart disease, Polio, Bone fractures, or other chronic illnesses.

Every floor has a dedicated Assistance Station, providing access to support at all times. Residents also have access to dining facilities on every floor, with fresh and nourishing food available just a few steps away. Regular activities for health and entertainment ensure a productive life and joyful atmosphere, where disability need not stop the elderly from living life to the fullest!


Mobility-friendly quarters

Assistance Station on every floor

Dining facility on every floor

Consulting doctors on call

Specialised therapies

In-house counsellors

Lifetime attendant for each resident

Walking track, park and recreation facilities

Spa and Fitness Centre

Prayer room

Specialised Therapies

We offer a range of therapies administered by dedicated and well-qualified professionals to help residents manage and reduce their impairments.


Customised, functional exercise programmes for people with physical and mental disabilities, which target progress in motor difficulties, help manage pain and improve mobility.


Emphasis on memory improvement and reminiscence exercises to better manage everyday challenges, as well as, alleviate feelings of anxiety or anger in people with Dementia.

Music Therapy

Music helps people with dementia express feelings and ideas. Dementia patients often experience episodes of agitation or anxiety. Music will help them to calm and relax their mind and body.

ART Therapy (Colour stimulation)

Helps boost cognitive functioning in various areas of brain, enhance social interaction and improve the health and wellbeing of individuals.

Cognitive Stimulation Therapy (Hand-eye coordination)

Helps build concentration and improve muscle movement in people with Dementia, especially those who experience difficulties in physical skills like reaching out to touch and grasp objects.

Sound Therapy (Auditory stimulation)

Sound therapy lowers the stress levels, increases relaxation, and stimulates brain activity in people with Dementia.

Snoezelen therapy

Globally renowned, non-pharmacological therapy for neurological and cognitive diseases. Our Snoezelen Room is created for the purpose of delivering high levels of stimuli to our elderly residents with dementia.