Services and facilities

At Dignity Lifestyle, you don’t buy a house - you buy a second life. Our scenic cottages, along with numerous health facilities, special care programmes, fitness amenities and exciting social calendar are available to anyone over the age of 55 years, for as long as they wish.

At Dignity Lifestyle, you can relieve yourself of mundane chores and worries, enjoy a rejuvenating spa at our modern health club, unwind with a game of table tennis or chess at our games centre, partake of a sumptuous meal at our sophisticated dining hall, engage in our numerous social activities and undertakings and above all, sleep easy with the assurance that our skilled care personnel are always on hand to address any emergency.

Revel in a spirit of communal bonhomie, free of cares and responsibilities, and remember - you’re only young twice.


At Dignity Lifestyle, your health is of paramount importance.

We employ highly skilled Elder Care attendants to look after your needs, offering basic health monitoring services on a daily basis, and we provide specialist care by ophthalmic, orthopaedic, cardiac, ENT and dental professionals as per your needs. In addition, every cottage and living quarter at Dignity Lifestyle is equipped with an alarm bell, to ensure urgent attention and help for any emergency

We also offer numerous health-promoting services, both preventative and curative, at our Health Club, with an emphasis on hydrotherapy and special healing baths.

Our Health Club Services

Your mental health is important too. Our Elder Care social workers are specially trained in Geriatric and Gerontological Care, to better understand your emotional and psychological needs. We develop bespoke mental health and development programmes for each resident, accounting for individual physical and cognitive abilities and aptitude, and closely monitor their progress. We conduct music therapy sessions once a week to promote mental well-being and improve quality of life.

Residents are encouraged to participate as a group in singing bhajans or old Hindi songs. In addition, willing members are called upon to deliver talks on their life and experiences. With such activities, our seniors gain valuable social engagement, and feel relevant and attached to wider society.

Our scenic location at the foothills of the Sahyadris is the ideal environment, tranquil and noise-free, to promote mental peace and calm. In addition, our frequent social programmes and voluntary undertakings create many opportunities to gain a sense of purpose and self-worth, so important for emotional health. We also employ in-house psychologists to conduct regular group therapy sessions, providing a necessary release for pent-up tensions and issues and ensuring a healthy mind.

Dignity Lifestyle offers seniors the opportunity to






Massage centre


Ayurvedic spa


An active body is a healthy body.

At Dignity Lifestyle, we place a strong emphasis on active living, and provide a host of opportunities to develop physical and mental fitness.

Our Indoor Games centre is the perfect place for both a brisk warm-up and a relaxing wind-down. Enjoy a settling game of cards with friends after a lavish meal, or a leisurely round of carom at the end of a long day. Or activate the brain with an early morning battle of chess, and get the adrenaline flowing with a table tennis tussle.

We maintain a state of the art fitness centre at the Township, with modern equipment for both upper body and lower body exercises and treadmills to promote pulmonary and cardiovascular health.

The Township’s 12.5 acres of lush green grounds with good, clean air ofter plenty of scope for outdoor exploration and activity, and encourage the development of habits such as walking and jogging for good health and fitness.

outdoor activities

At Dignity Lifestyle, we firmly believe outdoor engagement is a vital component of a fulfilling and enriching life. We organise outdoor activities and events to ensure the physical, social and emotional well-being of our residents.

From our location at the foothills of the Sahyadris, there are many places of natural beauty and historical importance within reach, and the hill-station of Matheran with its renowned toy train is close enough to be glimpsed from the campus itself. Dignity Lifestyle organises regular excursions for its residents, giving them the opportunity to see and explore famous monuments and bask in the splendour of nature. We arrange shopping trips to Vashi or Karjat and Picnics.

Additionally, community gatherings are held for the celebration of all major festivals, and social interaction and participation is encouraged so that residents can jointly revel in the spirit of the occasion.


Unburden yourself of the daily, monotonous chores of cooking and washing-up, and allow us to indulge you with delicious, nourishing and varied meals every day at our elegant dining hall.

Dignity Lifestyle’s highly-skilled cooks, exercising their culinary craft in a clean and hygienic environment, ensure your food is always novel, appetising and above all, healthy. There are dedicated, segregated kitchens preparing vegetarian and non-vegetarian food, and scrupulous care is taken to ensure all linen and cutlery, both in the kitchens and at the dining hall, is also segregated and spotlessly clean.

Join your friends for breakfast, lunch or dinner at the dining hall, with a different menu every day to tickle your taste and fancy. And should you desire the flavour of home-cooked food, we provide a kitchenette in the dining hall for private use of residents, so you can prepare your favourite dish in your own way, whenever you want.

Facility of a private kitchen for occasional cooking is available


At Dignity Lifestyle, you can enjoy complete peace of mind. We strive to fulfil every need, explicit and implicit, foreseen and unforeseen, and with our special infrastructure, swift assistance, and well-connected network of hospitals and doctors, we ensure effective, professional response to any emergency.

Anticipation is always better than reaction - To this end, our principal priority is forestalling any emergency. Dignity Lifestyle’s technicians monitor your health daily, with regular lab tests and in-campus sample collection. Medical records, developments and progress reports are maintained for every single resident. For combating emergencies, every living quarter at Dignity Lifestyle is equipped with an emergency alarm bell to attract instant assistance from our vigilant staff. We provide prompt, professional attention from a well-qualified doctor on-call, attached to the prestigious Asian Institute of Medical Sciences. For further support and tertiary care services we have associated ourselves with renowned institutions such as:

  • Lifeline Hospital, Panvel
  • Mahatma Gandhi Mission, Navi Mumbai
  • Fortis, Navi Mumbai

So live free, liberated from worry, and sleep easy with the assurance that Dignity Lifestyle’s unceasingly alert emergency support structure is there to look out for you, 24x7.

Assisted living

Dignity Lifestyle provides assisted living accomodation for senior citizens who require help with daily activities. Residents in our Nightingale Care Unit are assigned lifetime attendants - professional carers who look to their every need and guarantee a comfortable existence.

As part of the Nightingale Care Unit, we have an 80-bed Care Centre equipped with facilities and personnel to deal with frontotemporal disease, corticobasal disease, cognitive impairment and neurocognitive impairment (politically correct terms for ‘dementia’).

Our Assisted Living Care services also help with conditions such as:

  • General mobility impairment
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Silent ischemia and ischemic heart disease
  • Polio
  • Diabetes and hypertension
  • Bone fractures


All quarters in the Care Unit are disabled-friendly to ensure maximum mobility and a dedicated assistance station is built into every floor. Similarly, dining facilities are also present on every floor so that residents have easy access to fresh, nourishing food prepared with an emphasis on hygiene and safety.

With mobility-friendly quarters, round-the-clock attention, healthy meal services and consulting doctors on call, we make every effort to ensure chronic illness or disability does not limit your enjoyment of life at Dignity Lifestyle.

Life with disability need not be reduced or unfulfilled - at Dignity Lifestyle we make concerted efforts to ensure residents of our Assisted Living facility have all the support, attention and encouragement they need to participate in and enjoy our convivial atmosphere.

We offer a range of therapies administered by dedicated and well-qualified professionals to help residents manage and reduce their impairments. Our regular physiotherapy sessions target progress in motor difficulties, and we also have in-house counsellors providing psychotherapy, with an emphasis on memory improvement and reminiscence exercises.

Snoezelen therapy:
Dignity Lifestyle offers the globally renowned and encouraging non-pharmacological Snoezelen therapy for neurological and cognitive diseases. The rationale for its use lies in providing a multi-sensory environment that places fewer demands on intellectual abilities but capitalises on the residual sensorimotor abilities of people with FTD. Sensory stimulation improves mood and reduces behavioural problems. In a Snoezelen room, an array of equipment is installed with a view to providing auditory, visual, olfactory, and tactile stimulations to the resident in a controlled manner, and in a calm and comforting environment.

Above all, we provide the following security facilities

  • Availability of basic health care monitoring on a daily basis
  • 24x7 security personnel
  • Safety lockers in every cottage
  • Emergency alarm bell in each cottage


  • Regular bhajan performances
  • Spiritual discourses
  • Lectures by visiting speakers
  • Internet services
  • Golf carts for easy movement
  • Well-stocked library
  • Banking facility
  • Car parking
  • Generator backup for electric outages
  • Environmentally mindful organisation, it has introduced rain water harvesting and scientifc sewage treatment plant, along with Incenerator for medical waste